Editing and Translation Services

I am:

  • A translator with a published book (Headmistress Press, 2017) and another book on the way
  • A poet published in The Gay & Lesbian Review, Lavender Review, Mezzo Cammin, and other journals
  • A medievalist with a PhD in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Pennsylvania

I offer:

Line Editing (English): from $30/hour

Are you a poet looking to polish your book manuscript stanza by stanza, line by line, or word by word? A scholar in need of an extra pair of eyes to look over your article or monograph? I will provide feedback and suggestions on the nitty-gritty of style, grammar, and syntax (including scansion and sound quality).

Research and Consultation: from $40/hour

Are you writing medieval-themed fiction or poetry but unsure where to begin? Do you need a crash course on courtly love, King Arthur, or Joan of Arc? I will provide a survey of the topic that interests you and locate any additional sources you may need. I can also compose brief prose passages and verse stanzas in imitation of Middle French or Middle English.

Translation (French–English, Spanish–English): from $50/hour

Are you a poet or scholar with a finished manuscript in hand? (Êtes-vous poète ou érudit•e dont le manuscrit est prêt à faire publier?) (Es usted poeta o eruditx con su manuscrito listo para publicar?) I will translate your finished essay, article, book, or blog post into clear, readable English prose … or your poem(s) into English lyric verse.

Translation (Medieval Romance Vernaculars – Modern English): from $80/hour

You’ve found the text you want to read … but the language is … is … it might be French, or Spanish, or some form of Italian, but the spelling is very strange, and the grammar frankly bizarre. Look no further! Provided the edition you are using is in the public domain, or you have received written permission from the editor to use their work, I will translate from Old/Middle French, Old Occitan, early Italian, Old Castilian, and Galician-Portuguese into clear, readable Modern English prose.


“You would not believe how helpful (and fun!) this is. … The examples/alternatives [in Middle French] you provided are perfect … exactly what I was looking for.”

C. E. Bernard, award-winning author of historical fantasy fiction

Email me at samantha [dot] pious [at] gmail [dot] com to inquire about a project and receive an estimate.