Lesbian & Bi+ Women Poets

This is a list—Anglophone-centric, unfortunately—of current lesbian and bi+ women poets (trans & cis) who have published books of poetry. *Please let me know if you would like to be added or removed.*

*For a catalogue of non-cis poets, including trans men and non-binary people, visit Bogi Takács’s list on GoodReads.

  1. Etel Adnan
    • Surge (Nightboat Books)
    • Time, tr. Sarah Riggs (Nightboat Books)
  2. Saida Agostini
    • let the dead in (Alan Squire Publishing)
  3. Hala Alyan
    • Hijra (Southern Illinois University Press)
    • The Twenty-Ninth Year (Mariner Books)
    • Atrium (Three Rooms Press)
  4. Patience Agbabi
    • R.A.W. (Gecko Press)
    • Transformatrix (Canongate Books)
    • Bloodshot Monochrome (Canongate)
    • Telling Tales (Canongate)
  5. Liz Ahl
    • Beating the Bounds (Hobblebush Books)
    • Home Economics (Seven Kitchens Press)
    • Luck (Pecan Grove Press)
  6. Hala Alyan
    • The Twenty Ninth Year (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt/Mariner)
  7. Anastacia-Renée Tolbert
    • (v.) (Gramma)
  8. Joan Annsfire
    • Distant Music (Headmistress Press)
  9. Colette Arrand
    • Hold Me Gorilla Monsoon (Opo Books and Objects)
  10. Fatimah Asghar
    • If They Come for Us (Penguin Random House)
  11. Amber Atiya
    • the fierce bums of doo-wop (Argos Books)
  12. Lisa Baird
    • Winter’s Gold Girls (Dagger Editions)
  13. Danielle Badra
    • Like We Still Speak (University of Arkansas Press)
    • Dialogue with the Dead (Finishing Line Press)
  14. Adèle Barclay
    • Renaissance Normcore (Nightwood Editions)
  15. Samiya Bashir
    • Field Theories (Nightboat)
    • Gospel (RedBone)
    • Where the Apple Falls (RedBone)
  16. Robin Becker
    • Personal Effects (Alice James Books)
    • Backtalk (Alice James Books)
    • Giacometti’s Dog (University of Pittsburgh Press)
    • All-American Girl (University of Pittsburgh Press)
    • The Horse Fair (University of Pittsburgh Press)
    • Domain of Perfect Affection (University of Pittsburgh Press)
    • Tiger Heron (University of Pittsburgh Press)
    • The Black Bear Inside Me (University of Pittsburgh Press)
    • Venetian Blue (Frick Art Museum)
  17. Roxanna Bennett
    • unmeaningable (Gordon Hill Press)
  18. Rosebud Ben-Oni
    • turn around, BRXGHT XYXS (Get Fresh Books Publishing)
  19. Carolyn Bergvall
    • Alisoun Sings (Nightboat Books)
  20. Cassandra Blanchard
    • Fresh Pack of Smokes (Nightwood Editions)
  21. Maureen Bocka
    • First Name Barbie Last Name Doll (Headmistress Press)
  22. Carolyn Boll
    • Social Dance (Headmistress Press)
  23. Cheryl Boyce-Taylor
    • Arrival (Triquarterly)
    • Raw Air (Fly By Night Press)
    • Night When Moon Follows (Long Shot Productions)
    • Convincing the Body (Vintage Entity Press)
  24. Elizabeth Bradfield
    • Interpretive Work (Arktoi Books)
    • Once Removed (Persea Books)
    • Approaching Ice (Persea)
  25. Dionne Brand
    • Fore Day Morning (Khoisan Artists)
    • Earth Magic (Kids Can Press)
    • Primitive Offensive (Williams-Wallace International Inc.)
    • Winter Epigrams and Epigrams to Ernesto Cardenal in Defense of Claudia (Williams-Wallace)
    • Chronicles of the Hostile Sun (Williams-Wallace)
    • No Language is Neutral (Coach House Press)
    • Land to Light On (McClelland & Stewart)
    • thirsty (McClelland & Stewart)
    • Inventory (McClelland & Stewart)
    • Ossuaries (McClelland & Stewart)
    • The Blue Clerk: Ars Poetica in 59 Versos (Duke University Press)
  26. Farrell Greenwald Brennan
    • Diatribe from the Library (Headmistress Press)
  27. Nicole Brossard
    • aube à la saison and These Our Mothers (translated by Barbara Godard)
    • White Piano (translated by Érin Mouré & Robert Majzels) (Coach House Books)
    • Mobility of Light: The Poetry of Nicole Brossard (edited by Louise H. Forsyth)
    • Turn of a Pang (translated by Patricia Claxton) (Coach House Books)
    • Museum of Bone and Water (translated by Robert Majzels & Érin Mouré) (House of Anansi Press)
    • Notebook of Roses and Civilization (translated by Érin Mouré & Robert Majzels) (Coach House Books)
  28. Olga Broumas
    • Beginning with O (Yale University Press)
    • Soie Sauvage (Copper Canyon Press)
    • Black Holes, Black Stockings, with Jane Miller (Wesleyan University Press)
    • Pastoral Jazz (Copper Canyon Press)
    • Perpetua (Copper Canyon Press)
    • Sappho’s Gymnasium, with T. Begley (Copper Canyon Press)
    • Rave: Poems, 1975–1999 (Copper Canyon Press)
  29. Ariana Brown
    • Sana Sana (Game Over Books)
  30. Beverly Burch
    • Latter Days of Eve: Poems (BkMk Press)
  31. Stephanie Burt
    • We Are Mermaids (Graywolf Press)
    • After Callimachus (Princeton University Press)
    • Advice from the Lights (Graywolf Press)
    • Belmont (Graywolf Press)
    • Parallel Play (Graywolf Press)
  32. Gabrielle Calvocoressi
    • Rocket Fantastic (Persea Books)
    • Apocalyptic Swing (Persea)
    • The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart (Persea)
  33. Rocío Carlos
    • (the other house) (The Accomplices)
  34. Audrey Carroll
    • Queen of Pentacles (Choose the Sword Press)
  35. Anne Carson
    • If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho (Alfred A. Knopf)
    • Plainwater: Essays and Poetry (Knopf)
    • Glass, Irony, and God (New Directions)
    • Autobiography of Red: A Novel in Verse (Knopf)
    • Decreation: Poetry, Essays, Opera (Knopf)
    • Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides (New York Review Books)
    • An Oresteia (Faber & Faber)
    • Nox (New Directions)
    • Red Doc> (Knopf)
    • Float (Knopf)
  36. Ana Castillo
    • Otro Canto (Alternativa Publications)
    • The Invitation
    • Women Are Not Roses (Arte Público Press)
    • My Father was a Toltec and selected poems, 1973–1988 (Norton)
    • I Ask the Impossible (Anchor Books)
  37. Yoseli Castillo Fuertes
    • De eso sí se habla / Of That, I Speak
  38. Sarah Caulfield
    • Spine (Headmistress Press)
  39. Dorothy Chan
    • Revenge of the Asian Woman (Diode Editions)
    • Attack of the Fifty-Foot Centerfold (Spork Press)
    • Chinatown Sonnets (New Delta Review)
    • Chinese Girl Strikes Back (Spork Press)
  40. Stephanie Chan
    • Roadkill for Beginners (Math Paper Press)
  41. Sunu P. Chandy
    • My Dear Comrades (Regal House)
  42. Kristin Chang
    • Past Lives, Future Bodies (Black Lawrence Press)
  43. Marlena Chertock
    • Crumb-sized (Unnamed Press)
    • On that one-way trip to Mars (Bottlecap Press)
  44. Staceyann Chin
    • Wildcat Woman
    • Crossfire: A Litany for Survival (Haymarket Books)
  45. Franny Choi
    • Floating, Brilliant, Gone (Write Bloody Publishing)
    • Soft Science (Alice James Books)
    • Death by Sex Machine (Sibling Rivalry Press)
  46. Cara Cilento
    • Snapshots: Say Cheese! The World Is Watching
  47. Barbara Clark
    • The Movie At The Back Of My Mind (Viaduct Publishing)
  48. Cheryl Clarke
    • Narratives (Kitchen Table, Women of Color Press)
    • By My Precise Haircut (The Word Works Press)
    • Living as a Lesbian (Sapphic Classics)
    • Humid Pitch (Firebrand)
    • Experimental Love (Firebrand)
    • Days of Good Looks: Prose and Poetry, 1980–2005 (Carroll & Graf Publishing)
  49. Kai Coggin
    • Incandescent (Sibling Rivalry)
  50. Andrea Cohen
    • Nightshade (Four Way Books)
  51. Elizabeth Colen
    • What Weaponry (Black Lawrence Press)
    • Money for Sunsets (Steel Toe Books)
    • Waiting Up for the End of the World (Jaded Ibis Press)
    • The Green Condition (Ricochet Editions)
  52. Flower Conroy
    • The Awful Suicidal Swans (Headmistress Press)
    • Snake Breaking Medusa Disorder (NFSPS Press)
  53. Dani Couture
    • Good Meat (Pedlar Press)
    • Sweet (Pedlar)
    • YAW (Mansfield)
  54. Cristie Cyane
    • demain j’y vais (Éditions Geneviève Pastre)
  55. Elayna Mae Darcy
    • Unraveling Light (Magic Key Media)
  56. marissa dahlson
    • Sunshine Girl: a collection of memories (CreateSpace)
  57. Wendy DeGroat
    • Beautiful Machinery (Headmistress Press)
  58. Risa Denenberg
    • Whirlwind @ Lesbos (Headmistress Press)
    • slight faith (MoonPath Press)
    • Mean Distance from the Sun (Aldrich Press)
    • Blinded by Clouds (Hyacinth Girl Press)
    • In My Exam Room (The Lives You Touch Publications)
    • What We Owe Each Other (The Lives You Touch)
  59. Lori Desrosiers
    • Sometimes I Hear the Clock Speak (Salmon Poetry)
    • The Philosopher’s Daughter (Salmon)
    • Inner Sky (Glass Lyre Press)
  60. Natalie Diaz
    • When My Brother Was An Aztec (Copper Canyon Press)
  61. Ruth Dickey
    • Mud Blooms (Harbor Mountain Press)
  62. Dinah Dietrich
    • Paper Cranes (Headmistress Press)
  63. Frances Donovan
    • Mad Quick Hand of the Seashore (CreateSpace)
  64. Lisa Dordal
    • Mosaic of the Dark (Black Lawrence Press)
  65. r. erica doyle
    • proxy (Belladonna* Books)
  66. Sarah Duncan
    • Week/End (Headmistress Press)
  67. Julie Enszer
    • Handmade Love (A Midsummer Night’s Press)
    • Sisterhood (Sibling Rivalry Press)
    • Avowed (Sibling Rivalry Press)
    • Lilith’s Demons (A Midsummer Night’s Press)
  68. Joshua Jennifer Espinoza
    • I’m Alive / It Hurts / I Love It (Boost House)
  69. Shira Erlichman
    • Odes to Lithium (Alice James Books)
  70. Camonghne Felix
    • Build Yourself a Boat (Haymarket Books)
  71. Luiza Flynn-Goodlett
    • Look Alive (Semo Press)
    • The Undead (Sixth Finch Books)
    • Shadow Box (Madhouse Press)
    • Tender Age (Headmistress Press)
    • Twice Shy (Nomadic Press)
    • Harm’s Way (Dancing Girl Press)
    • Unseasonalbe Weather (Dancing Girl Press)
    • Congress of Mud (Finishing Line Press)
  72. Laura Foley
    • Joy Street (Headmistress Press)
    • Night Ringing (Headmistress)
    • Why I Never Finished My Dissertation (Headmistress Press)
  73. t’ai freedom ford
    • how to get over (Red Hen Press)
    • & more black (Augury Books)
  74. Aricka Foreman
    • Salt Body Shimmer (YesYes Books)
  75. Angélica Freitas
    • Rilke Shake, tr. Hilary Kaplan (Phoneme Media)
  76. Diane Furtney
    • Riddle (Headmistress Press)
  77. Celeste Gainey
    • The Gaffer (Arktoi Books)
    • In the land of speculation and seismography (Seven Kitchens Press)
  78. Suzi F. Garcia
    • Dear Dorothy: A Home Grown Fairytale (Skull & Wind Press)
  79. Olivia Gatwood
    • New American Best Friend (Button Poetry)
    • Life of the Party (Penguin Random House)
  80. Tanya Grae
    • Undoll (YesYes Books)
  81. Kate Gray
    • For Every Girl: New & Selected Poems (Widow & Orphan House)
  82. Jewelle Gomez
    • Oral Tradition (Firebrand Books)
    • Name Poems
  83. Janice Gould
    • The Force of Gratitude (Headmistress Press)
    • Beneath My Heart (Firebrand Books)
    • Alphabet (May Day Press)
    • Earthquake Weather (University of Arizona Press)
    • Seed (Headmistress Press)
  84. Judy Grahn
    • Hanging On Our Own Bones (Arktoi Books)
    • Edward the Dyke and Other Poems (Women’s Press Collective)
    • She Who (Diane Press)
    • The Queen of Swords (Beacon Press)
    • The Work of a Common Woman (Diana Press)
    • love belongs to those who do the feeling (Red Hen Press)
  85. Julia Guez
    • In An Invisible Which Is Also a Frame (Four Way Books)
  86. Alexis Pauline Gumbs
    • Dub: Finding Ceremonies (Duke University Press)
    • Spill: Scenes of Black Feminist Fugitivity (Duke University Press)
  87. Marilyn Hacker
    • Presentation Piece (Viking Press)
    • Separations (Alfred A. Knopf)
    • Taking Notice (Knopf)
    • Assumptions (Knopf)
    • Love, Death, and the Changing of the Seasons (Arbor House)
    • Going Back to the River (Vintage Books)
    • Selected Poems: 1965–1990 (W. W. Norton & Co.)
    • Winter Numbers (W. W. Norton)
    • Squares and Courtyards (W. W. Norton)
    • Desesperanto: Poems 1999-2002 (W. W. Norton)
    • First Cities: Collected Early Poems 1960–1979 (W. W. Norton)
    • Names (W. W. Norton)
    • A Stranger’s Mirror: New and Selected Poems 1994–2013 (W. W. Norton)
  88. Minal Hajratwala
    • Bountiful Instructions for Enlightenment (The (Great) Indian Poetry Collective)
  89. Jane Eaton Hamilton
    • Love Will Burst into a Thousand Shapes (Caitlin Press)
    • Body Rain (Brick Books)
    • Steam-Cleaning Love (Brick)
  90. Joy Harjo
    • The Woman Who Fell from the Sky (W. W. Norton)
    • A Map to the Net World (W. W. Norton)
    • How We Became Human (W. W. Norton)
    • She Had Some Horses (W.W. Norton)
    • Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings (W. W. Norton)
    • An American Sunrise (W. W. Norton)
    • Weaving Sundown in a Scarlet Light (W. W. Norton)
    • In Mad Love and War (Wesleyan University Press)
  91. francine j. harris
    • Here is The Sweet Hand (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
  92. Milla van der Have
    • Ghosts of Old Virginny (Aldrich Press)
  93. Susan Hawthorne
    • The Sacking of Muses (Spinifex Press)
  94. Eloise Klein Healy
    • A Wild Surmise (Red Hen Press)
    • The Islands Project (Red Hen)
    • Ordinary Wisdom (Paradise Press)
    • Passing (Red Hen)
    • Artemis in Echo Park (Firebrand Books)
    • Women’s Studies Chronicles (The Inevitable Press)
    • A Packet Beating Like a Heart (Books of a Feather Press)
    • Building Some Changes (The Beyond Baroque Foundation)
  95. Niki Herd
    • The Language of Shedding Skin (Main Street Rag)
  96. Ellen Hopkins
    • Tricks (Margaret K. McElderry Books)
  97. Leah Horlick
    • For Your Own Good (Caitlin Press)
    • Riot Lung (Thistledown Press)
    • wreckoning (JackPine Press)
  98. JP Howard
    • Say/Mirror (The Operating System)
  99. Jessica K. Hylton
    • The Great Scissor Hunt (Headmistress Press)
  100. Maureen Hynes
    • Sotto Voce (Brick Books)
  101. Candice Iloh
    • Catalyst
    • And Become
    • Break Fast From Her Skin
  102. Jessica Jacobs
    • Take Me With You, Wherever You’re Going (Four Way Books)
  103. Omotara James
    • Daughter Tongue (APBF & Akashic Books)
    • Mama Wata (Siren Songs & CCM Press)
  104. Jenny Johnson
    • In Full Velvet (Sarabande Books)
  105. Roz Kaveney
    • Dialectic of the Flesh (A Midsummer Night’s Press)
  106. Jackie Kay
    • The Adoption Papers (Bloodaxe Books)
    • Other Lovers (Bloodaxe)
    • Off Colour (Bloodaxe)
    • Two’s Company (Puffin Books)
    • Life Mask (Bloodaxe)
    • Darling (Bloodaxe)
    • The Lamplighter (Bloodaxe)
    • Red Cherry Red (Bloomsbury Publishing)
    • Maw Broon Monologues
    • Fiere (Pan Macmillan)
    • Reality, Reality (Pan Macmillan)
    • The Empathetic Store (Mariscat Press)
  107. Donika Kelly
    • Bestiary (Graywolf)
    • Aviarium (500 Places)
  108. Irena Klepfisz
    • A Few Words in the Mother Tongue: Poems Selected and New (1971–1990) (The Eighth Mountain Press)
  109. Keetje Kuipers
    • All Its Charms (BOA Editions)
  110. Joy Ladin
    • The Future Is Trying to Tell Us Something (Sheep Meadow Press)
    • Fireworks in the Graveyard (Headmistress Press)
    • Impersonation (Sheep Meadow)
    • The Definition of Joy (Sheep Meadow)
    • Psalms (Wipf & Stock)
    • Transmigration (Sheep Meadow)
    • The Book of Anna (Sheep Meadow)
    • Alternatives to History (Sheep Meadow)
  111. Hannah Larrabee
    • Wonder Tissue (Airlie Press)
  112. Amy Lauren
    • Prodigal (Bottlecap Press)
    • God With Us (Headmistress Press)
  113. Ruth Lehrer
    • Tiger Laughs When You Push (Headmistress Press)
  114. Alex Leslie
    • Vancouver for Beginners (Book*hug Press)
  115. Kathryn Leland
    • I Wear the Only Garden I’ve Ever Grown (Headmistress Press)
  116. Robin Coste Lewis
    • Voyage of the Sable Venus (Alfred A. Knopf)
  117. Ali Liebegott
    • The Summer of Dead Birds (The Feminist Press)
  118. Tess Liem
    • Tell everybody I say hi (Anstruther)
    • Obits. (Coach House Books)
  119. Roya Marsh
    • dayliGht (MCD x FSG)
  120. Jessica Lowell Mason
    • Straight Jacket (Finishing Line Press)
  121. Jill McDonough
    • Reaper (Alice James Books)
    • Here All Night (Alice James Books)
  122. Lynn McGee
    • Tracks (Broadstone Books)
  123. Emma McKenna
    • Chenille or Silk (Dagger Editions)
  124. Rachel McKibbens
    • blud (Copper Canyon Press)
    • Into the Dark & Emptying Field (Small Doggies Press)
    • Pink Elephant (Cypher Books)
  125. Maureen N. McLane
    • Some Say (Farrar, Strauss, & Giroux)
    • Same Life (FSG)
    • World Enough (FSG)
    • This Blue (FSG)
    • Mz N: the serial (FSG)
  126. Mary Meriam
    • My Girl’s Green Jacket (Headmistress Press)
    • The Lillian Trilogy (Headmistress)
    • The Countess of Flatbroke (Modern Metrics/Exot Books)
  127. Constance Merritt
    • Blind Girl Grunt (Headmistress Press)
    • Two Rooms (Louisiana State University Press)
    • Blessings and Inclemencies (Louisiana State UP)
    • A Protocol for Touch (University of North Texas Press)
  128. Jane Miller
    • Who Is Trixie the Trasher? And Other Questions (Copper Canyon Press)
  129. Deborah A. Miranda
    • The Zen of La Llorona (Salt Publishing)
  130. Cherríe Moraga
    • Loving in the War Years: lo que nunca pasó por sus labios (South End Press)
    • The Last Generation: Prose and Poetry (South End Press)
  131. G.L. Morrison
    • Chiaroscuro Kisses (Headmistress Press)
  132. Gala Mukomolva
    • Without Protection (Coffee House Press)
  133. Lesléa Newman
    • I Carry My Mother (Headmistress Press)
    • Lovely (Headmistress)
    • I Remember: Hachiko Speaks (Finishing Line Press)
    • Nobody’s Mother (Orchard House Books)
    • Signs of Love (Windstorm Creative Ltd.)
    • Still Life with Buddy (Pride Publications)
  134. Emilia Nielsen
    • Surge Narrows (Leaf Press)
    • Body Work (Signature Editions)
  135. Alix Olson
    • Burning Down the House (Soft Skull Press)
  136. Tanya Olson
    • Stay (YesYes Books)
    • Boyishly (Yesyes Books)
  137. Michelle Parkerson
    • Waiting Rooms (Common Ground Press)
  138. Mary Peelen
    • Quantum Heresies: Poem (Glass Lyre Press)
  139. Jennifer Perrine
    • No Confession, No Mass (University of Nebraska Press)
    • In the Human Zoo (University of Utah Press)
    • The Body Is No Machine (New Issues)
  140. Trace Peterson
    • Since I Moved (Chax Press)
  141. Jennifer Angelina Petro
    • A Life Lived With Wings (CreateSpace)
    • Transcendencies (CreateSpace)
  142. Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
    • Bodymap (Mawenzi House Publishers)
    • Love Cake (Mawenzi House)
    • Consensual Genocide (Mawenzi House)
    • Tonguebreaker (Arsenal Pulp Press)
  143. Sarah Pinder
    • Common Place (Coach House Books)
    • Cutting Room (Coach House)
  144. Samantha Pious (translator)
    • A Crown of Violets: Selected Poems of Renée Vivien (Headmistress Press)
  145. Minnie Bruce Pratt
    • The Sound of One Fork
    • We Say We Love Each Other
    • Crime Against Nature
    • Walking Back Up Depot Street
    • The Dirt She Ate: New and Selected Poems (University of Pittsburgh Press)
  146. Cassie Pruyn
    • Lena (Texas Tech University Press)
  147. Nina Puro
    • Each Tree Could Hold a Noose or a House (New Issues Poetry & Prose)
  148. Linda Quinlan
    • Chelsea Creek (BrickHouse Books)
  149. Meaghan Quinn
    • Slow Dance Bullets (Route 7 Press)
  150. Shivanee Ramlochan
    • Everyone Knows I Am A Haunting (Peepal Tree Press)
  151. Rita Mae Reese
    • The Book of Hulga (Arktoi Books)
    • The Alphabet Conspiracy (Arktoi Books)
  152. Jasmine Reid
    • Deus Ex Nigrum (Honeysuckle Press)
  153. Ariana Reines
    • A Sand Book (Tin House Books)
  154. Naomi Replansky
    • Ring Song (Scribners)
    • Twenty-One Poems, Old and New (Gingko Press)
    • The Dangerous World: New and Selected Poems, 1934–1994 (Another Cichaog Press)
    • Collected Poems (Black Sparrow Press/Godine)
  155. Rasiqra Revulva
    • Cephalopography 2.0 (Wolsak & Wynn)
  156. Jo Reyes-Boitel
    • Michael + Josephine, a novel in verse (FlowerSong Press)
  157. Verónica Reyes
    • Chopper! Chopper (Arktoi Books)
  158. Kim Roberts
    • The Scientific Method (WordTech Editions)
    • Corona/Crown, in collaboration with photographer Robert Revere (WordTech Editions)
  159. Jen Rouse
    • Acid and Tender (Headmistress Press)
  160. Kay Ryan
    • The Best of It: New and Selected Poems (Grove Press)
    • The Niagara River (Grove)
    • Say Uncle (Grove)
    • Elephant Rocks (Grove)
    • Flamingo Watching (Copper Beech Press)
    • Strangely Marked Metal (Copper Beech)
    • Dragon Acts to Dragon Ends (Taylor Street Press)
  161. Natasha Sajé
    • Vivarium (Tupelo Press)
    • Bend (Tupelo Press)
    • Red Under the Skin (University of Pittsburgh Press)
  162. Trish Salah
    • Lyric Sexology Vol. 1 (Roof Books)
    • Wanting in Arabic (TSAR Publications)
  163. Metta Sáma
    • After ‘Sleeping to Dream’/After After (Nous-zot Press)
    • Swing at your own risk (Kelsey St. Press)
    • The Year We Turned Dragon (Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs)
  164. Nicole Santaluccia
    • Spoiled Meat (Headmistress Press)
  165. Venus Selenite
    • trigger (CreateSpace)
  166. Sarah Sgro
    • If The Future Is A Fetish (YesYes Books)
  167. Savannah Sipple
    • WWJD and Other Poems (Sibling Rivalry Press)
  168. Jessica Smith
    • How to Know the Flowers (Veliz Books)
  169. Pamela Sneed
    • Imagine Being More Afraid of Freedom Than Slavery (Henry Holt)
    • KONG And Other Works (Vintage Entity Press)
    • Gift (Belladonna)
  170. Jessica Q. Stark
    • Savage Pageant (Birds, LLC)
  171. Jan Steckel
    • The Horizontal Poet (Zeitgeist Press)
    • Like Flesh Covers Bone (Zeitgeist)
    • The Underwater Hospital (Zeitgeist)
    • Mixing Tracks (Gertrude Press)
  172. Carter Steinmann
    • Sticky (Headmistress Press)
  173. Lynn Strongin
    • The Burn Poems (Headmistress Press)
    • A Bracelet of Honeybees (Headmistress Press)
  174. Billie Tadros
    • Was Body (Indolent Books)
    • The Tree We Planted and Buried You In (Otis Books)
    • Am/Are I (Francis House Publishing)
    • inter:burial places (Porkbelly Press)
    • Containers (Dancing Girl Press)
  175. Xemiyulu Manibusan Tapepechul
    • My Woman Card is anti-Native & Other Two-Spirit Truths (CreateSpace)
  176. Marylyn Tan
    • GAZE BACK (Ethos Books)
  177. Kai Cheng Thom
    • A Place Called No Homeland (Pulp Arsenal Press)
  178. Gail Thomas
    • Odd Mercy (Headmistress Press)
  179. KB Thors
    • Vulgar Mechanics (Coach House Books)
  180. Raya Tuffaha
    • To All the Yellow Flowers (Golden Antelope)
  181. Ann Tweedy
    • The Body’s Alphabet (Headmistress Press)
  182. Julene Tripp Weaver
    • Truth Be Bold (Finishing Line Press)
    • An AIDS Case Manager Wails Her Blues (Finishing Line Press)
    • No Father Can Save Her (Plainview Press)
  183. Valerie Wetlaufer
    • Mysterious Acts By My People (Sibling Rivalry Press)
    • Call Me By My Other Name (Sibling Rivalry Press)
  184. Arisa White
    • Who’s Your Daddy? (Augury Books)
    • You’re the Most Beautiful Thing that Happened (Augury Books)
    • A Penny Saved (Willow Books)
    • Hurrah’s Nest
  185. Rachel Wiley
    • Nothing Is Okay (Button Poetry)
    • Fat Girl Finishing School (Timber Mouse Press)
  186. Shannon Connor Winward
    • Undoing Winter (Finishing Line Press)
    • The Year of the Witch (Sycorax Press)
  187. Kathi Wolfe
    • Love and Kumquats (BrickHouse Books)
  188. Abe Louise Young
    • Heaven To Me (Headmistress Press)
  189. Sandra Yannone
    • top (Bigelow Press)
    • Boats for Women
  190. Stephanie Young
    • Pet Sounds (Nightboat Books)
  191. Carina Yun
    • On Loving a Saudi Girl (Headmistress Press)

10 thoughts on “Lesbian & Bi+ Women Poets

  1. Merci! I love being included on your list ❤ And even though Social Dance is an anglophone book, because I live in lovely bilingual Montréal, there is plenty of English-French wordplay 😀 Bravaaaahhh et bonne journey ma belle!


  2. I am shocked you left out Elsa Gidlow (1898-1985) who published along with Roswell Mills the first Gay and Lesbian newspaper in North America in 1918. She also published the first lesbian love poetry ( On A Grey Thread) in 1923. Not to mention 13 books and an autobiography in 1985.



  3. Do you happen to know of a source that states that Warsan Shire is queer? I’m trying to find one, but this list is the only thing out there it seems.


    1. Hmm … it’s been a while since I compiled this list, and I can’t remember what source I used to verify Warsan Shire’s identity. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m starting to suspect that because so many queer poets have named Warsan Shire as an inspiration or influence, I simply assumed that she was queer herself. Thank you very much for pointing this out!


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