Medieval Women Poets in Translation

I've compiled this woefully incomplete list of medieval women's poetry in translation partly as self-promotion and partly in order to share resources. Additions are welcome. Happy #WITMonth, everyone! Classical Arabic, 4000 BCE – 1492 CE Abdullah al-Udhari, tr. & ed. Classical Poems by Arab Women. Saqui Books, 1999. Hebrew, 10th – mid-15th centuries Shirley Kaufman, … Continue reading Medieval Women Poets in Translation

Renée Vivien at the Women in Translation blog

The translators and advocates at Women in Translation have posted a link to my Renée Vivien translations on their blog! Both their blog and their website are invaluable resources for women and non-binary translators as well as women and non-binary writers in translation. You can also follow them on Twitter @Read_WIT and look for their hashtags … Continue reading Renée Vivien at the Women in Translation blog

Women Translators of Sappho

Here is a list—by no means complete!—of women-authored translations from the Ancient Greek of Sappho (ca. 630 – ca. 570 B.C.E.). Louise Labé (1524-1566), Sonnet 7 (1555), an adaptation of Sappho 31 into a French sonnet Anne (Le Fèvre) Dacier (1647? – 1720), Les Poésies de Sappho de Lesbos (1681), translations into French prose Anonymous ("Fille … Continue reading Women Translators of Sappho

“LBT+ and Non-Binary Poets” list gets a shout-out

Thanks to Danika Ellis for linking to my list of LBT+ Women and Non-Binary Poets in her blog post on Book Riot — Lesbian Poetry: Because it didn't end with Sappho! In fact, browsing Danika Ellis's website The Lesbrary — a vast resource for all "lesbian/bi/etc" books, but especially fiction — was what inspired me to compile … Continue reading “LBT+ and Non-Binary Poets” list gets a shout-out