George Sand says #NotmyPOTUS!

Cato’s ideal is an oligarchy with slaves; virtue for the privileged few, equality for a select group of men, oppression and dehumanization for the masses. Caesar’s ambition is political energy, development, and social agitation at any price; order and disorder, peace and war, reform entangled with abuse, every good and every evil, rather than the …

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La Compiuta Donzella and François Villon

I have four translations appearing in Doublespeak Fall 2016! They are three sonnets by the thirteenth-century Italian woman poet known as La Compiuta Donzella and one excerpt from the Middle French Testament of François Villon. There are no page numbers in the issue, but if you scroll down for the Table of Contents and click on the …

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On this website, you'll find links to my poems, translations, and (hopefully) up-coming events. Check back this December and January for some forthcoming materials! The current header image is a detail from Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema's oil painting The Sculpture Gallery (1875), currently housed in the magnificent Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, New York.