Medievalism in the Plague Year

Find consolation in Boethius, De consolatione Philosophiae. He, too, wanted his library back. Reassure ourselves with Julian of Norwich. Use Piers Plowman as a mirror for the commons and a tool for collective action. Contemplate Petrarch's Canzoniere, or Rime sparse, or 365 days of not getting laid. Misery bond with the protagonists of Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, who are … Continue reading Medievalism in the Plague Year

Medievalist Poetry Collections

This is a list of 20th- and 21st-century poetry collections that may be of interest to medievalists. Patience Agbabi, Telling Tales (Canongate, 2014) Adaptation of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Maryann Corbett, Mid Evil (U Evansville Press, 2014) Medievalist miscellany from Christine de Pizan to Old English riddles. Hilary Davies, In a Valley of This Restless Mind (Enitharmon … Continue reading Medievalist Poetry Collections

Lesbian & Bi+ Women Poets

This is a list—Anglophone-centric, unfortunately—of current lesbian and bi+ women poets (trans & cis) who have published books of poetry. *Please let me know if you would like to be added or removed.* *For a catalogue of non-cis poets, including trans men and non-binary people, visit Bogi Takács's list on GoodReads. Etel Adnan Surge (Nightboat Books)Time, … Continue reading Lesbian & Bi+ Women Poets

Medieval Women Poets in Translation

I've compiled this woefully incomplete list of medieval women's poetry in translation partly as self-promotion and partly in order to share resources. Additions are welcome. Happy #WITMonth, everyone! Classical Arabic, 4000 BCE – 1492 CE Abdullah al-Udhari, tr. & ed. Classical Poems by Arab Women. Saqui Books, 1999. Hebrew, 10th – mid-15th centuries Shirley Kaufman, … Continue reading Medieval Women Poets in Translation

Women Translators of Sappho

Here is a list—by no means complete!—of women-authored translations from the Ancient Greek of Sappho (ca. 630 – ca. 570 B.C.E.). Louise Labé (1524-1566), Sonnet 7 (1555), an adaptation of Sappho 31 into a French sonnet Anne (Le Fèvre) Dacier (1647? – 1720), Les Poésies de Sappho de Lesbos (1681), translations into French prose Anonymous ("Fille … Continue reading Women Translators of Sappho

Vintage Sapphic Poets

This is a resource list that I originally compiled for my Tumblr site. It is an extensive (though by no means complete) catalogue of lesbian and bi+ women poets who are no longer living. Additions will be welcome! Sappho (ca. 620–550 B.C.), obviously. Ancient Greek. I’d recommend Mary Barnard’s translation. Bieiris de Romans (13th century). She wrote a … Continue reading Vintage Sapphic Poets