Editing and Translation Services

A poet, translator, medievalist, and an avid reader of lesbian and bi women’s poetry and fiction, I offer the following services:

Manuscript Evaluation (Fiction, Poetry): from $350

  • A thorough reading of your draft manuscript
  • A brief summary of what I see as the purpose of your work, and its themes, issues, and possible subtexts
  • Feedback on your novel-in-progress: story premise, structure, pacing, and flow; character motivation and development; world building; writing technique, style, and voice
  • Feedback on your poems-in-progress: overarching sequence and order; poetic technique, style, and voice
  • What next? Advice on where and how to submit your work for publication

An Editorial Letter: from $200

  • A focused reading of your working draft
  • Suggestions for improvement on one or two particular elements, e.g. characterization (in a novel) or scansion (in poems)

Translation (French–English, Spanish–English): from $60/hour

  • A translation of your finished essay, article, chapter, or book into clear, readable English prose

Translation (Medieval Romance Vernaculars – Modern English): from $80/hour

  • A translation into Modern English from primary sources in any of the following  vernaculars:
    • Middle English
    • Old or Middle French
    • Old Occitan
    • Old Spanish (Castilian)
    • Galician-Portuguese (Old Portuguese, Medieval Galician)
    • Old Catalan
  • Notes on key words and phrases
  • N.B.: Unless otherwise specified, the translation will be in prose

Email me at samantha.pious@gmail.com to inquire about a project and receive an estimate.