LBT+ Women & Non-Binary Poets

Here is a list of published volumes by contemporary lesbian, bi+, and trans women and non-binary poets who are writing today. Obviously this list is Anglophone-centric and informed by the volumes inhabiting my bookshelves ... If you would like to be added or removed, please let me know! Patience Agbabi, Telling Tales (Canongate Books) Liz Ahl, Beating … Continue reading LBT+ Women & Non-Binary Poets

Renée Vivien is coming out today!

The new edition of A Crown of Violets is now available through Headmistress Press and Amazon! It incorporates new translations — this time, together with their originals! — that were not included in the previous volume. Renée Vivien (née Pauline Mary Tarn, 1877-1909) was one of the first "out" lesbian writers of modern Western Europe, and probably … Continue reading Renée Vivien is coming out today!

George Sand, on the real Donald Trump

Time for a re-post! I am editing this adaptation to make it more obvious what George Sand is talking about. Cato’s The G.O.P.’s ideal is an oligarchy with slaves; virtue for the privileged few, equality for a select group of men, oppression and dehumanization for the masses. Caesar’s Trump’s ambition is political energy, development, and … Continue reading George Sand, on the real Donald Trump