An interview with Marissa Higgins in Ms.

Marissa Higgins and I interviewed each other as the fourth installment in "The Lesbian Poets of Headmistress Press," a series of conversations between Headmistress poets, on Ms. Magazine's blog. *LBT women & non-binary poets, SUBMIT your manuscripts to the Charlotte Mew Contest, awarded annually through Headmistress Press! This year's judge is Ching-In Chen.*

Old English > “Middle French” > Modern English

I have a double translation in Doublespeak! The original is an Old English riddle; I adapted it into "Middle French" octosyllabic couplets and then translated my own adaptation into Modern English iambic tetrameter. Thank you to the editors, especially Shailly Pandey and Yehudith Dashevsky, who encouraged me to submit!