Vintage Sapphic Poets

This is a resource list that I originally compiled for my Tumblr site. It is an extensive (though by no means complete) catalogue of lesbian and bi+ women poets who are no longer living. Additions will be welcome! Sappho (ca. 620–550 B.C.), obviously. Ancient Greek. I’d recommend Mary Barnard’s translation. Bieiris de Romans (13th century). She wrote a …

A poem in Lavender Review!

My poem "Mrs. Danvers and I" can be found in the June 2017 issue of Lavender Review. I'm so excited to be featured alongside Joy Ladin and Risa Denenberg!

Christine de Pizan in New Verse News

My adaptation from a ballade by Christine de Pizan is appearing in New Verse News — but, thankfully, the predictions it contains are not entirely accurate! The latest word from CNN is that the immigration ban has been suspended by Homeland Security after an order from a federal judge.