Renée Vivien

renee-vivienRenée Vivien (1877-1909) was a lesbian writer of the Belle Époque. For more information on her life, work, and times, I recommend the biographical and critical works by Jean-Paul Goujon, Virginie Sanders, and Nicole Albert.Renee Vivien cover final

My book of translations from Renée Vivien’s poetry, A Crown of Violets, is available through Headmistress Press and Amazon.

More of my Renée Vivien translations have appeared in the following publications:

Queen Mob’s Teahouse  Queer Translation Issue (November 2016): Several of my English translations from Vivien’s French re-imaginings of Ancient Greek fragments by Sappho, Telesilla, Korinna, and Erinna.

Adrienne 6 (January 2016): “Victory,” “Desire,” “Upon the Death of a Friend who was Truly Loved,” “Desire Goes Beyond Death,” “Roses Risen,” “Cypress,” and “After Glow.”

PMS (poemmemoirstory) 15 (2016): “Above the Public Place” and “The Violin.”

Lavender Review 11 (June 2015): “The Silent Flute.”

broad! (a gentleperson’s magazine) (Winter 2014): “Litany of Hate.”

Construction (14 February 2014): “Like an apple” (adapted from Sappho).

Doublespeak (2014): “Ode to a Beloved Woman” (adapted from Sappho).

Gertrude 20 (Fall 2013): “Drowned Women” and “Furs.”