• Renée Vivien, A Crown of Violets: Selected Poems (Headmistress Press, 2017)
  • Christine de Pizan
    • One Hundred Ballades of a Lover and his Lady — coming soon!
    • One Hundred Ballades, manuscript in progress
    • Joan of Arc, manuscript in progress
  • Marie Krysińska, Vivid Rhythms, manuscript in progress
  • Bieiris de Romans (Old Occitan), La Compiuta Donzella (Early Italian), Eustache Deschamps (Middle French), Ausiàs March (Old Catalan), Florencia Pinar (Old Spanish), and François Villon (Middle French), in The Berkeley Poetry Review, Doublespeak, Lunch Ticket, and other publications


Individual poems have appeared in The Gay & Lesbian Review, Lavender Review, Mezzo Cammin, and other print and online journals.

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