Medieval Women Poets in Translation

I’ve compiled this woefully incomplete list of medieval women’s poetry in translation partly as self-promotion and partly in order to share resources. Additions are welcome. Happy #WITMonth, everyone!

Classical Arabic, 4000 BCE – 1492 CE

Hebrew, 10th – mid-15th centuries

Latin, 1st–16th centuries

Classical Chinese, 9th–16th centuries

Early Middle Japanese, 8th–12th centuries

Kannada, 12th century

Old Norse, 9th–13th centuries

Old Occitan (Provençal), 12th & 13th centuries

Italian, 13th century

  • Samantha Pious, tr. “La Compiuta Donzella: Three Sonnets.” ed. Gianfranco Contini. Doublespeak Magaine (Fall 2016). [Scroll down for the Table of Contents.]
  • Samantha Pious, tr. “A Sonnet by La Nina Siciliana.” [Seeking a home!]

Old French, 12th & 13th centuries

Middle French, 14th & 15th centuries

Catalan, 14th century

Kashmiri, 14th century

  • Coleman Barks, tr. Naked Song. Maypop Books, 1992.

Middle Welsh, 15th & 16th centuries

Old Spanish, 15th century

  • Samantha Pious, tr. “Two Poems by Florencia Pinar in Translation.” The Berkeley Poetry Review 46. 2016.

Middle High German, 11th–16th centuries

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