Indie Publishers of LGBT+ Poetry

In addition to the authors in my previous list, there are many LGBT+ poets writing today who could use your support! You can buy their books from the following publishers, or check out their work in the journals below:



2 thoughts on “Indie Publishers of LGBT+ Poetry

  1. Greetings administration,

    My name is Ava and I am an Australian poet whose poetry focuses on girl queerness, feminism and bisexuality.

    I am contacting you to enquire about possible opportunities for publishing or if you would be interested in seeing some of my work.

    Thank you very much.

    Warm regards,

    Ava Lansley


    1. Hello, Ava,

      This website has no administration—it is only my author blog.

      Many of the publishers and journals listed on this webpage ( have calls for submissions listed on their websites. Some, like Indolent Books, have links to Submittable ( In general, you can find submission guidelines and/or links to Submittable by visiting publishers’ websites and looking for pages like “About,” “Submit,” or “Get Involved” in the main menu.

      If you are interested in submitting a book manuscript to Indolent Books, the person to send it to is Michael Broder (michael [at] indolentbooks [dot] com).

      All best wishes,



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